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Nov. 8th, 2007

NRM Xenosaga chaos

It's Over

I'm a little sad to say this, but from now on, this is a dead journal. However, I will continue my rambles under a new screen name on livejournal.com.

My new alias is DarkAmber27.

So if you want to contact me, do it there. Ciao ciao until then!

Oct. 30th, 2007

NRM Syusuke Fuji = Hot God

New Changes

Hello everyone!

I'm all happy because I finally changed my screen name on livejournal. From now on, I'll be posting under darkamber27. So if you get friend requests from a random person, it's me. :D

I'll still be using this screen name for awhile, so this journal won't be dead until I say so.

Oct. 22nd, 2007

TIRED Not a Morning Person

(no subject)

1.) I'm BROKE.
2.) But I should get money by selling stuff on Ebay.
3.) Door 6, Deepti 0.
4.) People never enter a class on test day and ask their friends, "Did you study?" like in high school. It's always, "How long did you study?" replied by a value over an hour; there is no question to whether someone studied or not in college.
5.) "If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks, then I'll follow you into the dark."
6.) I have the most random songs in my iPod.
7.) "You've got me up against the wall."
8.) Mondays suck because I also get shoulder/neck aches by the end of the day.
9.) I'm still busy as heck, but I'm at least progressing in my work.
10.) I'm tired.
11.) Ryan and I disagree on many things. Sometime I wonder why we're friends. For example,
a.) cats,
b.) politics
c.) homestarrunner.com
d.) general views on life/living
e.) food
f.) music
g.) modern vs. "old school"
h.) Spiteful/Vengeful vs. Just Being Lazy

More shall come, I promise.

Oct. 20th, 2007

WTF Foster's: Cheese is a Cereal Killer!


That's the sound of my head getting hit by my current workload and exploding on impact. Let's make a list of stuff I have to do, shall we?

1.)) Do math review sheet for test.
2.)) Study for math test on wednesday, WHILE...
3.)) Find a copy of the italian worksheets I magically lost and hand them in before tuesday, 9:30.
a.) Note to myself: Per martedì: Handout sul congiuntivo, esercizio B (p.1) (Note that Ex. A/B must be put under my door AB547 by 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.)
b.) Per giovedì: Handout, p.2, esercizio B, Una lettera dall'Inghilterra.
4.)) Get first draft for italian done.
5.)) Study for italian test I will have on thursday. (il pronome relativo, il condizionale presente e passato, il congiuntivo presente e passato,vocabolario: le ferie, all'agenzia di viaggio, i mezzi di trasporto)
6.)) Finish schedule for the spring semester before thursday.
7.)) Get group together to start theatre project due friday.
8.)) Skip chem lectures so I have more time for everything else.
9.)) Make sure to study chem power points and notes the chem teacher puts online.

This wouldn't be such a mess if a.) I just knew when the italian first draft was due (whether it's tuesday or thursday), and b.) if I could contact the two members in my group that weren't here when we first started doing the project in theatre class.

Fun fun.
WTF Secret Stash: Oishi

Haven't Done This in Awhile

A bit of dilly-dally shilly-shally for me.

Here's how this random goes:
1. Open your music library.
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every scene, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new scene, press the 'next' button.
6. Don't lie. ♥

[01] Opening Credits: "Go Your Own Way" by Gareth Gates
Pretty good song. A little love behind it though, so it doesn't really fit me. The general theme fits though.
[02] Waking Up: "Those Who Fight (piano)" from FFVII Advent Children
I'm being attacked when I wake up?! O_O Then again, morning's are evil.
[03] First Day of High School: "Enough of Me" by Gareth Gates
I don't have that many Gareth Gates songs in my iTunes...FTW. Apparently people thought I was the best thing since easy-open tabs in HS.
[04] Falling in Love: "Tree Leak Day" from Fruits Basket
Aww....what a cute song!
[05] Fight Song: "Divine Spirit of Language" from Star Ocean III.
My battles are filled with electric guitars!
[06] Breaking Up: "Over the Sorrow" from DQVIII.
Fits. All sad and gloomy.
[07] Prom: "I am not good at not getting what I want" by Sophie Ellis Bextor.
WOAH. That's a prom song!
[08] Life: "Reminiscence" from Suikoden
My life apparently SUCKS.
[09] Mental Breakdown: "Victory Fanfare" from Legend of Zelda
LOLZ. I get a victory theme when I lose my mind. That's the way to do it.
[10] Driving: "Endless Sorrow" by Ayumi H.
This was shoved in my iTunes without me knowing. Good song actually. Not depressing either --- it's like a dance remix.
[11] Flashback: "Nearing Our Destiny" from DDVIII.
I had a scary, heart-pumping history?
[12] Getting Back Together: "Manifestation" from Star Ocean III.
I need to fix my iTunes so that it doesn't keep on picking the same artists. DUDE...Manifestation when I get back together? OK.
[13] Wedding: "Free Me" by Emma Bunton.
YAY! It (kinda) fits! A little racy though...."how I long to seduce you..." :D
[14] Birth of Child: "Sakura" from P.o.T.
It's a pretty song. And dramatic. :D
[15] Final Battle: "Man with the Machine Gun" from FFVIII.
LOL. That's the one battle theme song I don't like.
and 16.) because I felt like putting it in.
[16] End Credits: "Star Ocean Jazz" from...you know where it's from.
It's all jazzy, as you can guess. But it's a good song.

I'm going to fit my iTunes so it picks songs at more random now. At more random....is that correct? I'm sorry, I literally woke up 35 minutes ago. I have projects/tests to study for this week. In all my classes. It's not fun. So I'll be busy with that.

Oct. 15th, 2007

HUH Eiji? Cat? Meow?


What do you say to me changing my screen-name on LJ? Which would also mean that I would have to create a whole new journal for myself? I just realized that I still have my old sn from years and years ago. And it's lame. :D If I change it, I would make it DarkAmber27 or something like that; that way, it would match up to my deviantART, AIM, Yahoo and etc screen-names. Just wondering what you'd think. Although I probably will change it no matter what other people say.

I don't really have anything to mention. Except that Naked Chocolate is one awesome store for having chocolate tennis rackets (which I bought for Ankita), and Deepti is one unlucky girl; every time she's traveling in Philly, she gets hit on by the most disgusting, crude people you'd ever imagine.

That's it. Oh wait. And stick: thanks for reminding me about Weiss Kreuz. That anime was lost in the back of my mind for the longest time. It's not bad actually. The spin-off Gluhen seems really bad though. Tell me how it goes from you.

Oh, PS - "It's Too Late to Apologize" is one awesome song, if you listen to the better version of it.

Oct. 8th, 2007

DRAMA/ANGRY: Fuji's bath


1.) Woke up at 7:00 am and felt like crap.
2.) Went to my chemistry lab class to do what are possibly the longest (and meaningless) experiments in the world.
3.) My lab partner (who I believe is a pyro because she was hell-bent on burning stuff) had no idea what the hell she was doing. The lab took an hour longer than it should have because of it.
4.) Went to get lunch and had to wait in long lines.
5.) Sauce spilled onto my white jacket, went through the fabric, and got onto my shirt underneath. Had nothing to clean it with.
6.) As I reach my dorm building's entrance, the fire alarm goes off.
7.) Had to wait outside for 25 minutes because no one could find out where the fire started. Current status: sweaty, tired, sauce-covered.
8.) Turns out the fire alarm went off because someone (on the 4th floor) pulled the alarm on purpose.
9.) I also stepped on gum while outside. Fresh, sticky gum. I was wearing my favorite shoes.

So yeah. Monday's suck. I think I'm gonna stay here and skip my chemistry lecture class. I think I deserve it. PS - Mamma, calm down if you're reading this. Our professor puts the lectures online everyday. And he's still teaching stuff I already know.
PPS - yes my mamma uses aim and all that jazz. GOT A PROBLEM?!!

Oct. 1st, 2007


20 Minute Lab! OK!

As previously mentioned in my last entry, I have to wake up at 7:00 on Mondays. I didn't specify why though; I apologize.

Monday mornings I have a 3 hour lab for my chemistry class. I wake up at 7 to get there at 8:40. And it's a 3 hour lab. That's not much fun. Especially when it's freezing cold in the lab rooms. So this morning, I trudged to class with Ankita (suite-mate), and split up when I had to turn towards my chem class. Bored out of my mind, and a little sniffley, I prepare for the class by reading through the lab book early.

It was another physical/chemical change lab. Huzzah. Just that this time, it was more complicated; it involved burners, twenty-million bits of chemicals and random solids, and a lot of time. The only part that made me happy was when I noticed "Mg Solid Ribbon" was listed as one of the materials needed. If none of you have taken a magnesium ribbon and added a Bunsen Burner's flame together, you should try to next time you pass a lab class. Tis fun.

So finally, the lab teacher came in. Did I ever mention that my chem lecture teacher, chem lab, and chem review period teacher are all different? Just find that strange because most of the time, we're not on the same page. Anyway, the teacher comes in and starts handing out papers to students. It's a quiz. And apparently, that was on our syllabus and we can leave after it's done.

I = :) right about now.

End of the story: I leave in under 20 minutes, walk to my room with the sun's rays warming my up, and I write a LJ entry because it's long over-due.

Anything else to mention? I did visit Solongo at Drexel two weekends ago. I didn't get lost on the subway or anything, but the campus is pretty big/confusing for newcomers. We saw her dorm (which is surprisingly small), met some people, watched people play tennis because there are three tennis courts right next to her dorm (like, 10 feet from her dorm. I'm not lying. I'm jealous), went into the city, had all you can eat sushi for $20, and I bought a fish eye camera (non-removable lense) for $40...mainly because Solongo was telling me to. But it's a nice camera though. I already used up a roll of film in one day, so we'll see how it goes.

What else...I watched a performance for theater class last week that was actually good. I also took three tests and one quiz last week (it was the week of HELL), then I went home over the weekend. Didn't really do much except buy foods for the dorm, and some sweaters because I had none. Literally. Oh; I also bought some P.o.T. stuff over the internet. But one of them isn't exactly what I ordered, so I'll have to bring it back. And double oh; no more of me spending money! Ever!

So now I think it's time fo' me time. Enjoy the rest of the day buddehs.
TIRED Not a Morning Person


I'm a college student and I have to wake up at 7:00 in the morning on Mondays.


PS - sorry for the no-updates thing. I'll get on that.

PPS - Sorry for the lame one-sentence-paragraphs Stick.

Sep. 21st, 2007

HAPPY We Kick Ass!

"Run to Where You Want, Run to Where You Want"

"my love's gonna find you."

So my feet hurt, sunlight from the window is streaming into my eyes, math and chem suck, and because of a long class, I wasn't able to go out to the city with friends. But hey --- the week is over! My roomie is gone, the room is quiet, and my music is on.

I'll be visiting Solongo on Sunday. Drexel's school year starts now, so I think we should walk around the city or something before she gets crammed with work. I also got two cheap posters for my room, and it finally feels homey.

Anything I'm missing? Hrm....well, on wenesday/tuesday, our hallway smelled like "butt-face", as my dear suite-mate Deepti said. It was just the garbage from the end of the hallway. But still, it stunk. Also, something was up with the AC, because it was also hotter than usual. Ick?

So to solve the problem, I decided to spray a little Febreeze in the hallway. Great way to get our neighbors/room to love us. But Deepti(bless her heart), thought it would be more interesting to run up and down the hall while spraying the febreeze behind her. Now, imagine a little Indian girl running down a hall with a febreeze canister in her hand, spraying "spring dew" in the air.

This people, is college. I love getting little reminders of that. Like the time people played baseball with a cardboard tube and a tennis ball in a hallway. *sigh*

Nothing else really. Just tired. Been studying a lot. And when I'm not studying, I'm either in class, eating, or sleeping. And huzzah! Haven't gained a pound yet. Actually, I lost .1 lb's so far. :D I just really want to play tennis one of these days. Or work out. Something. But normally, people are busy with class or homework. One of these days, we'll play though. Or else I'll go crazy.

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